Roche and GE Healthcare release NAVIFY Tumor Board 2.0

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 05, 2019
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NAVIFY Tumor Board 2.0
Roche and GE Healthcare have released NAVIFY Tumor Board 2.0, the first in a number of products slated to be unveiled by the two that will facilitate greater personalized treatment decisions in cancer care.

Equipped with medical image viewing and storage capabilities for other forms of patient data, the solution accumulates medical records from multiple sources in one place, which acts as a reference from which tumor boards can evaluate and gain better understanding of individual patients.

"Managing tumor boards can be labor intensive and time consuming for healthcare providers because it often requires manually collecting and organizing patient information from various sources — radiology and microscope slide images from PACS systems, pathology reports, electronic medical records and a lot more," Ketan Paranjape, vice president of diagnostics information solutions at Roche Diagnostics, told HCB News. "As a result, clinicians often don’t have time to gain a holistic view of a patient’s relevant medical history, potentially having to delay diagnosis or make a treatment decision that doesn’t take into account all of the available data."
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The system is part of the NAVIFY Decision Support portfolio, a group of products that help clinicians derive actionable insights from large amounts of data for clinical decision-making across the entire care continuum. Among them is the most recent prior version of the solution, NAVIFY Tumor Board, a cloud-based software solution that streamlines and standardizes preparation, and facilitates and documents treatment decisions by the oncology team.

NAVIFY Tumor Board 2.0 comprises GE Healthcare’s medical imaging viewer, which enables radiologists to upload patient records to the same dashboard where patient files from other disciplines of the cancer care team are stored. This enables specialists to use the limited time they have during tumor boards to review relevant files quickly and determine together the best possible approach for treating each patient.

It also leverages Roche’s expertise in advanced lab testing, furthering the confidence of users in their decision-making. Plans are in place for future developments.

"The software is designed to create a centralized repository of tumor board data, and it currently offers apps that enable oncology care teams to match the patient to available clinical trials, reference clinical guidelines and search for relevant published studies," said Paranjape. "In the near future, it will also allow cross-referencing to patient pools, to see how similar patients were managed in the past, and remote participation of experts from outside the location during the meeting, facilitating the concept of virtual tumor boards."

The system is available in the U.S. and Canada, with additional market launches set to follow.

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