Siemens unveils Artis icono biplane angio system at ECR

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 04, 2019
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The scanner is also equipped with new OPTIQ image chain technology, which relies on a number of functionalities to enable 2D imaging across a wide range of angles and patient weights while saving on dose.

“You can just choose the material and the system finds the right setting in accordance with the plane, and visualizes the material in the best way at the lowest possible dose,” said Fischer.

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In addition, dose reduction can be found in the functional improvements of the system’s roadmaps, which are subtracted angiography images that make it simpler to navigate the vascular system during fluoroscopic exams.

Artis icono biplane is one of two applications intended to be the first members of the Artis icono portfolio, along with Artis icono floor, a floor-mounted single-plane system designed for vascular and interventional oncology procedures. The two can adapt in their flexibility based on the individual needs of those within interventional radiology, neuroradiology, cardiology and vascular surgery, such as by adjusting the height of the exam table or switching from a cardiological to a radiological configuration in seconds, using the Lateral Plane Switch.

“If you need to have, for a certain procedure, the system in a specific angulation, and you want to have certain protocols for imaging, then the system knows that it has to collimate in a certain way,” said Fischer. “In the past, single clicks were required. Now, one click is needed because the system takes care of setup in the background.”

Artis icono biplane is expected to be available in Europe and other specific markets in 2019, though not in the U.S. Its 510(k) submission is currently underway.

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