Qure.ai enters AI-teleradiology deal for faster diagnoses of imaging scans

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 29, 2018
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Qure.ai's chest X-ray technology will
be integrated with Telerad Tech's RADSpa
solution and be made available globally
by Teleradiology
A three-way partnership combining machine learning and telemedicine may lead to faster and more cost-effective diagnoses from medical imaging scans.

AI firm Qure.ai has agreed to integrate its chest X-ray technology with health IT player Telerad Tech’s RADSpa (T2), a proprietary RIS PACS platform provided worldwide by the service, Teleradiology Solutions (TRS), speeding up the return of diagnoses of X-ray and CT scans at a reduced cost.

“Teleradiology improves patient care by allowing radiologists to provide services remotely. This is particularly important when a subspecialist is needed,” Prashant Warier, CEO of Qure.ai, told HCB News. “Unfortunately, teleradiology cannot solve the fact that imaging procedures are growing approximately 15 percent annually against an increase of only 2 percent in the radiologist population. AI can alleviate this problem by improving the productivity of radiologists through screening and prioritizing cases and providing a first draft report to radiologists.”
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Deployed in 24 countries, RADSpa has processed more than 20 million studies and billions of images for multiple devices, sites and centers, providing them with integrated image management capabilities and faster downloading at peak load and low bandwidths.

TRS services these capabilities to 150 providers and healthcare centers in more than 20 countries, including the U.S. Using its clinical expertise, TRS helps the intelligent workflow platform consolidate information from diverse sources, allowing radiologists to read reports from anywhere at any time.

Qure.ai’s chest X-ray solution expands on these capabilities, enabling the platform to produce reports on abnormalities found in X-ray and CT scans, as well as signs of tuberculosis. Such findings would allow radiologists and providers to better prioritize care.

Warier says that other solutions, such as Qure.ai’s qQuant for quantifying and measuring progression of diseased regions from brain and knee MRs and Chest CTs, will be integrated with RADSpa, and that future collaborations with TRS may take place for the development of new solutions for other modalities.

“Partnering with these companies allows Qure.ai to make our algorithms available to a large number of medical institutions, and we are excited about the impact this could have on the millions of patients’ lives that they touch,” he said. “TRS has some of the best radiologists in the world and the teleradiology services they provide are world-class. Our algorithms can provide these radiologists with an AI assistant that can help them deliver faster and more accurate diagnoses.”

The partnership follows Qure.ai’s recent unveiling of its AI-powered head CT scan technology which can detect bleeds and fractures in 10 second scans. Its introduction marks Qure.ai’s debut into the world of head and brain CT scan interpretation.

Integration is expected to go live in several Indian states serviced by TRS in the next four months.

RADSpa is FDA approved and CE certified.

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