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Nuvolo bridges gap between clinical engineering and IT

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | May 03, 2018
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Bridges gap between
clinical engineering and IT
With its new Medical Device Cyber Security Platform (MDCSP) launched on Tuesday, Nuvolo is enabling hospital clinical engineering and IT departments to work together more seamlessly to address cybersecurity threats.

“Clinical engineers and IT departments both share the same cybersecurity objective, securing and protecting their healthcare system and its patients,” Tom Stanford, CEO of Nuvolo, told HCB News. “The enterprise faces a critical challenge — they need to foster greater collaboration to address the connected medical device cybersecurity threat.”

Once IT detects a threat, an incident is created in Nuvolo MDCSP, which is built on ServiceNow and integrates with ServiceNow's Security Operations (SecOps). The IP address is then automatically correlated to the correct asset tag to create a high-priority work order and a clinical technician is dispatched to address the issue.
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MDCSP keeps SecOps monitoring tools informed as the status of the ticket progresses so that IT remains in the loop throughout the sequence of steps. Each step is time stamped for post-event analysis in order to improve processes and demonstrate compliance.

“IT sees network endpoints with IP addresses that they monitor, and clinical engineering sees them as enterprise assets for patient care delivery, and their responsibility,” said Stanford. “A single, trusted system of record and action, driven by a fully automated process, is crucial to bridge this divide.”

Nuvolo MDCSP is built on top of Nuvolo’s existing enterprise asset management (EAM) capabilities. Nuvolo EAM already serves as the system of record and system of action for clinical engineering.

MDCSP extends EAM by enriching the base EAM device data model with security context, subscribing to feeds for real-time updates on cybersecurity issues and integrating with SecOps solutions as well as emerging highly-specialized network monitoring solutions that create a closed loop system of detection and action to address threats.

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