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Olympus unveils integrated OR system at AORN

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 28, 2018
Operating Room
EasySuite 4K
Olympus Medical Systems Group unveiled its next-generation integrated OR system, EasySuite 4K, this week at the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo in New Orleans.

Designed to connect with native and uncompressed visual capabilities in legacy, HD, SD and ultra-high definition medical video sources, the scalable solution enables interventional and surgical clinicians to streamline clinician workflows before, during, and after procedures, enhancing the efficiency of their surgical teams.

“Providing relevant patient information and real-time collaboration anywhere, at any time, EasySuite 4K is a true enterprise-wide solution with a robust, scalable infrastructure for serving a single department or an entire hospital or health system,” Keith Griffis, executive director of marketing, surgical endoscopy & systems integration and infrastructure for Olympus Corporation of the Americas, told HCB News. “It accommodates the unique audio, video, and EasySuite configuration requirements of each room, and uses patient data from EHR and PACS systems to enhance the visual clinical insights.”

The system, designed by Olympus’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Image Stream Medical Inc., is the second product to be launched through this collaboration, combining Olympus’ infrastructure and imaging technology with ISM’s expertise on health care environment integration.

EasySuite 4K enables 4K video viewing at medical-grade 60 frames per second in its native color fidelity without perceptible latency, and provides soothing images and sounds through its Patient Greeting System to relax individuals prior to surgery, with separate settings for adults and children.

It also offers an interactive and collaborative environment through its MedPresence enterprise virtual presence solution for virtual consultations.

Composed of a vendor-neutral architecture and enterprise services built on a 10 GB IP standards-based switching backbone, the solution is equipped with enterprise-grade security features and future-proofing surgical suites.

It also offers content management, video streaming and communication solutions that are fully backward compatible with previous HD versions of EasySuite OR integration systems and EasyPort universal HD video connectors.

“The benefit to the customer is a streamlined workflow not only in the OR, but also across the entire health care ecosystem,” said Griffis. “The ability to capture, route, and view high-fidelity visual insights across the continuum of care will not only improve a clinician’s productivity but also the patient’s experience. All of these benefits assist health care providers in improving clinical outcomes, reducing overall costs and enhancing quality of life for patients.”

Specific medical devices it can connect to include, but are not limited to bronchoscopes, c-arms, CT scanners, PTZ cameras, endoscopes, fluoroscopes, laparoscopes, lights and controls, MR scanners, microscopes, navigation systems, PET scanners, physiotherapies, scan converters, sinus endoscopes, and ultrasound equipment from an assortment of manufacturers.

The solution is currently available for sale in the U.S. with subsequent launches in select worldwide markets expected to take place throughout 2018.

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