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VoCare develops Vitals360

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 05, 2018
Cardiology Health IT Heart Disease Telemedicine
Vitals360 can measure six vital signs
to help manage chronic diseases
Medical professionals will soon be able to assess multiple vitals on a device close in size to that of an iPhone.

VoCare Inc. has developed Vitals360, a professional-grade medical diagnostic solution designed to assist management of chronic diseases such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; and the first telemedicine platform for both point-of-care settings and remote patient monitoring.

“Clinicians will now have direct access to key clinical measurements, as well as patient responses to quality of life and disease-specific questionnaires that allow patients to be risk-stratified by clinical decision support tools embedded within the solution,” Steven R. Peabody, CEO and chairman of the Board of VoCare, told HCB News. “All of this key information can flow seamlessly from the device to the providers' clinical information system. This will give clinicians the ability to intervene early and provide proactive treatment for the patients with chronic diseases.”
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Forty-seven percent of U.S. residents are expected to suffer from a chronic condition by 2020 with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation predicting seventy-five percent of health care spending and 80 cents of every dollar in Medicaid funds to go toward treatments.

Vitals360 measures blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, oximetry, temperature and electrocardiography and is equipped with a cloud-based solution designed by GEMMS of Harris Computer Systems that enables integration of data with clinical information systems.

It also runs on Android OS and is powered by Qualcomm chipsets, allowing for it to be used with virtually any wireless carrier.

Providers can use the solution’s point-of-care mode to create a mobile clinical workforce in a home care setting, or its remote patient monitoring mode for consistent monitoring of patients with chronic conditions.

Patients can also purchase the device for their own personal use to collect data and share it with their providers while disregarding cloud use.

“Through early intervention not only can this group of patients have an improved quality of life and potentially fewer hospitalizations; there is now a greater opportunity to engage these patients and help them develop self-management skills and involve them in the medical decision-making process,” said Peabody. “Ultimately, the quality of care with improved and positive gains in health outcomes will lead to a reduction in costs typically associated with providing care for those with chronic diseases.”

VoCare is currently in the process of obtaining both CE marking and FDA clearance for Vitals360 with plans for an expected release of the product on the U.S. market in the coming months.

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