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Philips to install EMR solution for VPS Healthcare providers in Middle East

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | February 06, 2018
Health IT
Philips will install its Philips Tasy EMR
solution at 18 locations in the Middle
East and possibly India
Royal Philips is headed east with its EMR technology, thanks to a multi-year partnership with VPS Healthcare, one of the largest health care groups in the Middle East.

The Netherlands-based tech giant has agreed to replace multiple IT platforms with its Philips Tasy EMR at 18 VPS Healthcare hospitals and clinics throughout the United Arab Emirates, Oman and possibly India as a single integrated solution for managing clinical and logistical processes, streamlining workflow and optimizing patient care.

“The Philips Tasy EMR provides hospitals and clinics with a unique integrated health care informatics platform that allows medical professionals to have real-time access to all relevant information in order to deliver better patient care,” Jerome Galbrun, product and marketing manager EMR at Philips, told HCB News. “The digitalization of clinical and specialized workflows, such as emergency departments and intensive care units, drives significant efficiency improvements while securing patient safety through standardized, documented protocols.”
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Conventional EMRs primarily use a patient's medical and clinical information for administrative tasks such as billing.

Philips Tasy EMR allows users to manage medical, organizational and administrative processes that range from patient care to inventory and supply management, as well as revenue cycle management and financial reporting.

It can also be used for bed management and room and staff scheduling for appointments and medical procedures.

The introduction of the solution in these countries is set to build upon its success in Latin America, where approximately 1,000 installations have taken place among providers in Mexico and Brazil.

Eight of these hospitals in Brazil have received EMR Adoption Model Stage 6 certification, while one other has received Model Stage 7, the highest level, from HIMSS Analytics, for their near-paperless nature and ability to drive integration, and security and analytics to optimize patient care.

“Health care is due for disruption and is moving from the traditional approach to a more personalized and value-based approach,” VPS Healthcare told HCB News. “Tasy EMR is developed to streamline workflows and optimize patient care, offering a single integrated platform and database to enable centralized management of medical, organizational and administrative processes. By managing both clinical and administrative workflows, Tasy EMR connects the dots between different aspects of patient care.”

The solution is also available in select markets as part of Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, designed to manage the growth and cost of clinical enterprises with a managed service model and suite of interoperable health care informatics applications and services.

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