Masimo's Next Generation SedLine brain function monitor scores FDA clearance

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | February 02, 2018
Alzheimers/Neurology Patient Monitors
Masimo Root with Next Generation SedLine
Brain Function Monitoring
Last Monday, Masimo announced clearance of its Next Generation SedLine brain function monitoring tool for the Root patient monitoring and connectivity platform.

This tool allows clinicians to monitor the state of a patient’s brain while under anesthesia.

It’s composed of four EEG leads that collect data from both sides of the brain. It generates a Patient State Index, which is a processed EEG parameter that reflects the effect of the anesthetic agents.

Electromyography (EMG), which is the recording of the electrical activity of muscle tissue, is known to interfere with EEG signals used in brain function monitoring. SedLine is able to compute EEG-derived parameters despite the presence of EMG because it leverages Masimo’s parallel signal processing engines.

SedLine can also be used simultaneously with O3 regional oximetry on the Root platform to provide the clinician with even more insight into the patient’s brain. O3 has the potential to monitor cerebral oxygenation in cases in which pulse oximetry alone might not be fully indicative of the amount of oxygen in the brain.

Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo, expects the Next Generation SedLine tool to impact brain function monitoring in the same way that the rainbow SET platform impacted pulse oximetry.

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