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Five features of Insightec's latest MR-guided focused ultrasound solution

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | February 01, 2024
Alzheimers/Neurology MRI Ultrasound
Insightec's Exablate Prime MR-focused ultrasound platform
Insightec has unveiled a new version of its flagship MR-guided focused ultrasound platform, Exablate Neuro, dubbing it Exablate Prime, which offers a new user interface and improved ability to treat essential tremor and other movement disorders.

Like its predecessor, Exablate Prime facilitates neurosurgery as an outpatient procedure. It is the result of ten years of research and development and was designed based on feedback from customers, according to the company. Its interface is easier to handle, providing guided workflows, automated steps, and a streamlined design to enhance the user experience for neurosurgeons.

The platform was first tested at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel before being adopted by Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in the U.S.
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"We were pleased with the new interface and efficiency of the system and believe it will significantly and positively impact our neuroscience program — and the lives of those patients we treat — for years to come,” said Dr. Ahmed Raslan, director of functional neurosurgery at OHSU, in a statement.

Exblate Prime is meant to improve the precision, efficiency, and experience of the neurosurgeon using features such as:

  • Automated calculations: Algorithms enable one-click skull density ratio (SDR) calculations, automatic fusion and AC/PC identification, and efficient no-pass region detection to accelerate productivity during procedures.

  • Increased specificity and control: Exablate Prime uses sub-millimetric targeting control and advanced shaping masks to adapt treatment based on the contours and shape of the lesion.

  • Improved visualization and image management: The system is designed for automatic MR scan acquisition and offers intelligent targeting tools and larger MR data sets in one planning session, which provides better visualization and management of imaging data.

  • Intuitive and informative therapy delivery: A temperature prediction algorithm allows users to adjust the temperature in real time to make the therapy more precise and control its application.

  • Real-time monitoring: The platform offers plane thermal spot visualization, whereby it converts infrared radiation into visible images that show the spatial distribution of temperature differences at the targeting point. It also offers cumulative thermal dose overlays, creating a visual representation of the accumulated thermal energy or heat delivered to a specific target throughout the medical procedure. Together, both features allow surgeons to adjust the delivery of therapy in real time by providing feedback on the amount of thermal energy that is applied.

Additionally, the system includes improved cybersecurity, PACS connectivity, remote planning, and troubleshooting capabilities for support, and comes with an optional, upgraded 3T head coil for better imaging.

Exablate Prime is available for sale in the U.S. as of January.

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