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NTT Data Services partners with AI provider Pieces Technologies

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | January 15, 2018
Artificial Intelligence Health IT
NTT Data Services has partnered
with Pieces Technologies to enhance
quality and reduce costs of patient
care with AI
NTT Data Services is partnering with Pieces Technologies to enhance the quality and decrease the cost of patient care through the application of AI solutions and natural language processing technology.

The technology services company will integrate Pieces Decision Sciences (DS) Software with its portfolio, which includes data integration services, analytics capabilities, cloud services and transformation consulting, to assist clients in enhancing quality of patient care, improving overall population health, and lowering costs.

“We have been looking to apply our artificial intelligence approaches to health care in more places to help more people and to have greater impact,” Ruben Amarasingham, CEO of Pieces Technologies, told HCB News. “We wanted to partner with a progressive, innovative and global technology company with reach across health care provider types and markets. NTT DATA is one of the few companies in the world that has these characteristics and we are very fortunate to partner with them. We are also excited that their U.S. headquarters is in Dallas, which is our hometown also, allowing for significant interaction and cross-pollination of staff, ideas, methods, and approaches.”
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Pieces DS software has demonstrated the ability to identify high-risk patients since 2016, enabling the prevention of health care associated infections. The impact of this prevention has resulted in up to a 20 percent decrease in length of time in hospitals; up to a 26 percent decrease in readmissions; and up to a 15 percent reduction in sepsis mortality.

The cloud-based platform is fully integrated with electronic medical records and utilizes advanced technologies, such as predictive modeling, clinical NLP, machine learning and AI to power algorithms at the point-of-care to assist decision-making in real time.

The use of these tools enables lower readmission and avoidable hospitalizations as well as reduced lengths of stay, a lower risk of health care-associated infections, and a decrease in complications from sepsis and inpatient deterioration.

In exchange for access to its software for its clientele, NTT Data Services will offer Pieces Technologies greater breadth as well as access to major health system customers, integration expertise and professional services for end users.

“I think that within a short period of time we will see that nearly every clinical and operational decision made in a health care setting will be assisted by AI agents, like Pieces,” Amarasingham said. “I think this will produce better outcomes in terms of cost, quality, and timeliness, but also significantly reduce the stress of patients, providers, and families.”

NTT Data Services recently partnered with MD.ai to develop algorithms and automation, and help the reams of data that hospitals collect and store work for them and provide revenue.

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