RaySearch launches µ-RayStation for preclinical research

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | January 05, 2018
Rad Oncology Radiation Therapy X-Ray
RaySearch has released a new version
of its RayStation 5 platform for conducting
preclinical research on small
RaySearch Laboratories AB has released µ-RayStation, a version of its RayStation 5 platform specifically adapted for conducting clinical research on small animals.

The system comprises tools relevant for preclinical research with adjustments made to handle higher-resolution images for small animal research.

“Preclinical research plays an important role in the ongoing fight against cancer,” Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, said in a statement. “We are pleased to support this vital field with a specially adapted version of RayStation, and we will continue to develop it in response to emerging needs in cutting-edge research.”
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µ-RayStation consists of a beam model adapted for small animal X-ray irradiators and a Monte Carlo dose engine extensively validated against an independent Monte Carlo code (EGSnrc), with dose computation for X-RAD 225Cx validated at Institut Cancérologie de l’Ouest in Nantes, France. The system will continue to be modified to support other small animal X-ray irradiators.

It also supports static beams and arcs collimated by cone apertures, as well as RayStation’s Python scripting capabilities.

It enables deformable image registration; manual, semi-automatic and automatic image segmentation tools; evaluation planning and comparison, including the summation of deformed doses; and script exporting of plain text files.

The system has currently been extended to support proton irradiators using the proton Monte Carlo dose engine provided in RayStation, enabling the distribution of linear energy transfer (LET) and other related quantities. It will continue to be updated to meet preclinical research requirements.

The launch of µ-RayStation follows the release of RayStation 7, which consists of new functionality, including support for Mevion HYPERSCAN technology and integration with Raycare.

µ-RayStation will be showcased at the 4th Conference on Small Animal Precision Image-Guided Radiotherapy set from March 12-14 in Lisbon, Portugal.

RaySearch did not return requests for comment.

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