Elekta partners with Palabra to offer voice-enabled EHRs

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 22, 2017
Health IT
Elekta has partnered with Palabra
to create voice-enabled EHRs
Physicians in North America and Australia can mainly rely on word of mouth now to write up and transmit their findings to EHRs, thanks to a new partnership between Elekta and Palabra.

The collaboration, an integration of Palabra’s speech integration and automation capabilities with Elekta’s MOSAIQ Oncology Information System, enables faster document transmission, reductions in clinical work and data entry, and more time for patients.

"The integration of Palabra highlights the current state and challenges of EHR technology today in a few ways. Use of Palabra increases the trend of capturing structured data to support value-based medicine," Ken Hotz, director of Care Management Portfolio at Elekta, told HCB News. "As the quantity of information needed from patients to make decisions is high, Palabra enables high volume capture of information while maintaining interaction with the patient."
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With Palabra capabilities, MOSAIQ users can create more documents upon command, each of which can be dictated, approved, and transmitted within minutes, eliminating the need to manually insert information. Palabra users create 50,000 documents per month, with each routinely saving more than 125 hours of work in a year.

The technology also ensures greater safety, prevents physician burnout and allows for the production of high-quality notes for EHRs.

"Palabra has taken commercial voice-enabling technology and optimized it for MOSAIQ in terms of workflow and data capture," said Hotz. "Palabra supports the production of documentation and also the capture of structured data in MOSAIQ."

The Palabra feature is now available for sale by Elekta as a separate enhancement to MOSAIQ.

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