Siemens launches new teamplay Cardio dashboard app for cardiology departments

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | December 13, 2017
Cardiology Health IT
Provides insight into performance
and resources
On Monday, Siemens Healthineers launched its new teamplay Cardio dashboard application within the Digital Ecosystem platform.

The application analyzes the data within a cardiology department to provide insight into its performance, resources and status.

"[Facilities traditionally] need to assign someone to produce the report and make the data meaningful, but with the dashboard it’s at your fingertips,” Ayse Berdan, global product marketing manager of digital services, told HCB News. “They can export the data as a PowerPoint or Excel and share it with management to analyze this data.”
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Users can see exam volumes over a certain time period and use the actionable data to create customized reports. That can help the department spot areas that need improving, as well as calculate trends such a staff allocation, room utilization and patient flow.

Teamplay Cardio also provides report turnaround time trends, which is important for business operations. It can spot whether the turnaround times are too long, in order to prevent the department from losing referring physicians.

It could also help a department cut costs in certain areas. If the dashboard reveals that the cardiologists are only using one type of contrast media, the department can stop ordering other types or negotiate prices with the vendor.

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