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German Armed Forces purchases 142 Philips Lumify app-based ultrasound systems

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 15, 2017
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Philips' Lumify app-based ultrasound
The German Armed Forces is planning to adopt Philips’ Lumify mobile app-based diagnostic ultrasound solution as standard equipment to be used in emergency and rescue operations.

“Lumify's exceptional image quality, ultra-portable size, and durability were all important factors in the decision process,” Randy Hamlin, business leader of point-of-care ultrasound at Philips, told HCB News. “In addition, the flexibility of Lumify allowed for the customer to select and customize the tablet to meet their needs.”

Philips built special features into Lumify to enable maximum uptime, including the ability to replace the tablet’s battery during operation and easy USB cable replacement. The tablet is also pre-installed with digital medical information and resources such as drug information, ultrasound guidelines and tutorials.
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In order to meet the special requirements of the German Armed Forces, the Lumify systems will be supplied with either transport boxes or transport backpacks that contain the ultrasound probes, a ruggedized tablet and all of the necessary consumables like ultrasound gel.

“When you think of a military organization, there is a wide range of potential diagnostic uses — from emergency medicine in the field to bedside ultrasound in a clinic,” said Hamlin. “Lumify addresses these diverse needs with its three transducers.”

Those include the Philips L12-4 linear probe, C5-2 convex probe and S4-1 sector probe. The L12-4 and C5-2 enable use for cardiac, lung, OB/GYN, gall bladder, vascular, superficial, musculoskeletal and soft tissue imaging.

The German Armed Forces purchased 142 customized and fully-supported ultrasound solutions in total — each including the three Lumify transducers.

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