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Clinical trial investigating Boston Scientific's HeartLogic Diagnostic yields promising results

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | September 25, 2017
Cardiology Medical Devices
Performs best when used
with baseline blood test
The combined use of Boston Scientific’s HeartLogic Diagnostic and a baseline blood test can more accurately triage care to patients with an elevated risk of heart failure, according to findings from the MultiSENSE trial.

“Currently, care for heart failure patients is mostly reactive — physicians have to wait and respond when the patients deteriorate,” Dr. Ken Stein, senior VP and CMO of global health policy and rhythm management at Boston Scientific, told HCB News. “Our vision for the HeartLogic Heart Failure Diagnostic is to enable caregivers to shift from reactive treatment to proactive care.”

Clinical guidelines recommend the use of a blood test to measure certain natriuretic peptides to diagnose heart failure or determine the severity of heart disease. But this test only reflects the patient’s condition at the time of blood draw, which changes over time.

HeartLogic Diagnostic continuously measures a patient’s heart failure by combining data from sensors that evaluate heart sounds, respiration rate and volume, thoracic impedance, heart rate and activity. Previously published data revealed that it can predict 70 percent of heart failure admissions and give physicians weeks of advanced notice before an event.

In the new analysis, sensor data from 900 patients’ cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator systems was collected and evaluated for up to one year. The findings show that the combination of HeartLogic Diagnostic and the baseline blood test accurately identifies when patients within varying risk groups were at a 23 to 50 times higher risk of experiencing a heart failure event.

“We were able to differentiate those patients at a very low risk versus those at a very high risk of experiencing a future heart failure event,” said Stein.

Boston Scientific received CE mark and FDA approval for HeartLogic Diagnostic earlier this year and expects it to be commercially available later this year.

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