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Siemens scores FDA approval for latest version of its syngo.via VB20 for MI software

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | June 13, 2017
Molecular Imaging Rad Oncology PET SPECT
The syngo.via VB20 for MI software
on display at ECR 2016
Siemens Healthineers announced that it has scored FDA approval for the latest version of its syngo.via VB20 for Molecular Imaging software.

It's equipped with a new Multi-Foci Segmentation feature for PET and SPECT imaging that automatically calculates a patient's whole-body tumor burden. This calculation is usually performed manually, which can be a time-consuming process.

The MFS feature can also perform reproducible quantification of the whole tumor, so some clinicians use it to evaluate patient response to therapy.
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The MI OncoBoard feature on the previous version of the software has been improved, and can now simultaneously display pre- and post-therapy treatment responses. That can give clinicians a better understanding of disease progression and inform discussions for tumor board meetings.

syngo.via VB20 for MI also has an improved MI Neurology feature that enables the user to compare data from two different time points to measure disease progression.

In addition to allowing the clinicians to visualize and quantify the patient's uptake of certain amyloid radiopharmaceuticals, the MI Neurology feature can also compare the patient with a database of normal patients. That can provide value to quantification numbers.

Siemens showcased the syngo.via VB20 for MI software at both the European Congress of Radiology and Radiological Society of North America annual meetings last year.

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