Q&A with Philippe d'Offay

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | June 20, 2016

When we first speak with hospitals and practices, there is often a concern about their senior providers being hesitant to use pMD, however, because our app is extremely user-friendly, those concerns quickly dissipate.

Physicians love our product because it’s truly mobile — we spend the majority of our effort and software development on our elegant and simple mobile platform. In this way, we are facilitating and accelerating communication surrounding patients.

We are breaking down communication and informational barriers by allowing physicians to capture real-time data as opposed to having to write down information that will have to be input at a later time. Providers can easily create communication networks within their medical communities to better facilitate patient information exchange.

For example, Dr. Isaac Alamuri of Plainview, New York was able to create a network of over 170 doctors, tying together all the physicians in his community that he works with as a hospitalist, by using pMD.

He shares his enthusiasm by saying that "the pMD secure messaging tool is easy, safe, and prompt. I was able to connect with my colleagues and create a secure network of over 100 providers. Creating this entire network has cost me no additional money, either. pMD secure text messaging is great!"

Our growth has been 90 percent word of mouth from our happy physicians. The sheer amount of referrals and inbound leads we receive when our providers share their positive feedback with other providers has been astounding.

HCB News: Do you think mobile apps will play a major role in tomorrow's health system?

PD: We’ve been mobile since 1998 and we know that mobile apps are most definitely playing a major role in our success. Software mobility has been a key component in the future of our company’s success and tomorrow’s health care systems.

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