Q&A with Philippe d'Offay

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | June 20, 2016

By utilizing the support network that surrounds the patient and leveraging the individuals that are working directly with both the patients and the doctors, these care teams are able to provide support for the physician and more efficient and coordinated care for the patient.

We should also strongly consider to what extent we engage with the physicians and the patients. Each doctor has a one-on-one relationship with a patient, which can be improved and modernized.

In order to do this, we must engage the physicians and provide them with the right tools they need to interact with their patients, allowing them freedom from the administrative burdens that keep them from spending time being a doctor.

The next step is to engage the patient themselves and allow them to be a part of the solution. As an industry we need to create solutions that allow the patient to engage and push that technology into full adoption by providing them with the right tools.

pMD’s success with its earliest product was primarily due to customers who were “innovators” and “early adopters” of the technology and who embraced the benefit of its use as a solution to the pitfalls of their current processes.

HCB News: How does the pMD app try to solve it?

PD: pMD’s approach is to take modern technologies that are HIPAA-compliant and automate that communication through interoperability. We also go one step beyond and have created proprietary technology.

Take for example, technology surrounding communication. With communication, there is always an element of chance involved, such as knowing whether or not that communication is sent, received or read.

Our solution to this is that we’ve created a secure messaging functionality with alerts and cascading reminders (patent pending) to ensure that nothing gets missed about sensitive patient information.

In order to begin to solve a problem, we must first understand the problem. By engaging the physicians as well as engaging with the physicians, we are able to develop the technology that is best tailored to the medical industry through our relationship with our customers.

Our software is constantly improving and evolving, due largely in part to incorporating our customers’ direct feedback. We’re innovating specifically toward health care and solving the issues that lie within health care itself.

HCB News: How are physicians responding to this app?

PD: Physicians are extremely excited about our product, which is positively reflected in the 500-plus testimonials currently shared on our website. There is no technical aptitude necessary in using our software.

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