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MR technique DTI can predict long-term effects in veterans with brain injuries

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | March 30, 2016
Alzheimers/Neurology MRI Population Health Risk Management

After their first post-deployment evaluation, 34 of the veterans went back to work. The veterans who did not return to work were shown to have significantly lower fractional anisotropy and higher diffusivity in a region of the brain called the left internal capsule.

That part of the brain is known to contain important fibers that provide motor stimulation to the right side of the body. Those findings may provide a connection between impairments in fine motor functioning and the inability to return to work.
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Over the past year, a lot of research has been done on MTBI. A study published in the journal Brain Connectivity used resting state functional MRI to evaluate why many patients with MTBI experience physical, cognitive and psychosocial symptoms that may persist.

Another study that was also published in the journal Radiology used MR on active duty military personnel who experienced blast-related MTBI and found brain damage in a large percentage of them.
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