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June 01, 2013

DOTmed: Tell us about this employee's new responsibilities.
Jon Waldon will be responsible for creating the final versions of trouble shooting videos, editing blog sites, developing doodle animation.

DOTmed: Tell us a little about their personal life.
Jon was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and went to Carmel High School. He now attends Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania and specializes in political science. He loves debating, cooking and fitness. Jon loves being active!

DOTmed: Please highlight their work experience and background.
As an intern, Jon has created doodle animation, led a brainstorming meeting, worked with the INSIGHTLY customer relationship management program, and is tackling the SIMPLEOLOGY program to improve productivity and how to prioritize tasks to complete short and long term goals. Jon is a volunteer as an elementary tutor at the Bowlby library in Waynesburg. He also works as a mail room employee as a work study position at Waynesburg.

DOTmed: What short term and long term goals do you have for them?
Short term goals include: introducing Jon to the business environment, exposing him to the skills necessary to become successful in the professional world. Complete last semester of college in Waynesburg.


John Weymouth

MEDiSURG is providing Preventative Maintenance on INTEGRA CUSA

July 03, 2019 10:30

There are not many choices available for getting a PM completed on a CUSA Surgical Aspirator from INTEGRA. MEDiSURG is now doing the PM on three models. The INTEGRA CUSA NXT, INTEGRA CUSA EXCell and INTEGRA CUSA EXCell+.

Contact MEDiSURG to arrange an on-site PM service that will complete the manufactures posted procedure.

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