Beekley Medical launches new solution for wire management in interventional procedures

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | June 13, 2024 Business Affairs
BRISTOL, Conn. Beekley Medical announces the national launch of CaraClip™ wire protector, a sterile self-adhesive device that helps reduce the risk of wire contamination and organize guidewires and other accessories in the sterile field during interventional, surgical, and other medical procedures.

The CaraClip wire protector holds guidewires securely in place thanks to its unique peel and stick design, alleviating the fear of wires accidentally falling outside of the sterile field. It allows clinicians to easily curve, redirect, and advance guidewires, tubes, sheaths, and other accessories of a very generous size, up to 16Fr (5.3mm), freeing up hands to focus on other important tasks during a procedure. The CaraClip wire protector adheres firmly to sterile drapes for at least eight hours and can be repositioned as needed. It has the ability to withstand fluids such as blood, saline, iodine, contrast, and sterile water.

The CaraClip wire protector improves upon makeshift solutions for keeping wires in place, such as the use of towels and gauze that bear the risk of inadvertently moving on the drape or away from the intended position. Other solutions, such as towel clips and clamps, can make wire exchanges or advancing devices cumbersome while also posing the risk of damaging the wire. The CaraClip wire protector ensures that wires are secure, supporting quicker procedure time and minimizing the risk of contamination.

According to Michael McGuire, Director of Strategic Growth and Innovation at Beekley Medical: “Clinicians often need to consider replacing a wire when it becomes contaminated. This process can increase procedure time, add cost to the procedure, require more anesthesia for the patient, and extend the time spent in the interventional/operating suite. CaraClip wire protector now offers clinicians a helpful resource that has been missing for decades. We are incredibly excited to see the positive impact this device will have on patients undergoing procedures where guidewires are used, as well as for the dedicated clinicians performing these important, sometimes lifesaving, procedures."

The CaraClip wire protector was developed by Gajan Sivananthan, MD, an interventional radiologist at MedStar Health, the largest healthcare provider in the Washington, D.C., and Maryland region. His goal was to develop an innovative tool to maintain guidewire sterility for patient safety and enhance clinician experience and ergonomics during endovascular and CT-guided procedures. MedStar Health works with its associates through the Business Innovation Lab within the MedStar Institute for Innovation to transform innovative ideas and discoveries into applied solutions, including commercial products.

“Clips provide a solution to so many problems in our daily lives, and it’s rewarding to bring that practical innovation to the surgical suite,” said inventor Gajan Sivananthan, MD. “I invented the CaraClip because I personally wanted a better solution for holding guidewires in place during surgical procedures. I am so pleased the CaraClip is now available thanks to MedStar Institute for Innovation realizing the potential of the prototype and Beekley Medical bringing the product to market.”

About Beekley Medical: Beekley Medical is a division of Beekley Corporation, a U.S.-based medical device company which partners with clinicians and inventors to produce professional products that replace makeshift or improve upon current methods. The company is heavily invested in the research and development of simple, low cost, disposable products that help medical imaging, surgical, and radiation oncology professionals improve communication, productivity, and patient care. Visit for product safety information.

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