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Women in leadership: Three female hospital leaders share what leadership means to them

April 22, 2024
Business Affairs

Women in leadership have a unique opportunity to infuse collaboration and strong communication skills to build relationships, foster teamwork, and promote a more inclusive and diverse work environment. When leadership opportunities or positions are available, it’s important for interested clinicians to give a voice to their aspirations and interests to lead. Building a resume that includes integrity, reliability, a track record of taking on hard tasks and proving to be a valuable asset in difficult situations, makes the job easy for the decision maker, as current work is an interview for our next position.

Katie Pearson
Compassion and efficiency in care
Katie Pearson:
My career trajectory has been different than most in hospital leadership. Prior to my time in the health care field, I was in business consulting. I decided to change my career path because I wanted to do something that was more meaningful and go somewhere I knew I could make a difference. Identifying efficiencies to improve organizational operations has always been a strength of mine, and it is extremely fulfilling to use that strength in a health care setting, where the decisions I make as a leader have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of my community.

Those in hospital leadership positions must always put patients first and have a servant attitude and mindset. Although we are all different and have different priorities and needs, I have made it a primary focus at Northside Hospital Cherokee to lead by example, driven by compassion. Demonstrating compassion while caring for our patients is essential, but it starts with how we care about one another throughout the hospital – whether you are an executive, leader, physician, nurse, administration staff member or custodian. By keeping our eye on the ball and growing a compassionate culture, we can deliver the outstanding care that our patients and the community deserves.

Great hospital leaders have an ardent desire to make a difference and have a positive impact on people’s lives. It is a position that should not be taken lightly and should not be reserved for any specific demographic. In hospital leadership roles, both men and women have an equal opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of others and the surrounding communities—a task that we hope inspires the next generation of women leaders and gives them something to strive towards.

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