TriState Health announces new radiology partnership

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 28, 2024 Business Affairs
TriState Health has contracted with Phoenix Radiology, PLLC to provide comprehensive radiology reading services for TriState Health. Their offerings include comprehensive coverage of Diagnostic Radiology services, including offering procedural services previously not available. An after-hours virtual service will ensure timely and thorough reporting during overnight hours. Phoenix Radiology replaces Twin Cities Radiology, who retired after serving at TriState Health for over 25 years.

Phoenix Radiology is a group of board-certified physicians committed to providing the highest quality of diagnostic imaging and image-guided procedures and therapies to the Lewis-Clark Valley. They serve as interpreting radiologists for St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, Syringa General Hospital, and Valley Medical Center. The services provided by Phoenix Radiology make for a smooth transition for patients, providers, and staff at TriState Health.

By partnering with Phoenix Radiology, TriState is now able to offer procedural services such as PICC line insertion/removal, and dialysis cath placement/removal. They will continue to provide CT and ultrasound guided-biopsies, lumbar punctures, drains, and other routine procedural services, along with Breast MRI, Prostate MRI, and Coronary CT Angiograms.

“With the latest in imaging technology, paired with skilled technologists and experienced board-certified radiologists, our ability to provide the appropriate care to our patients, here in our community, is exciting! What a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we see every day!” said Wendy Stirnkorb, Director of Imaging Services at TriState Health. “Our previous radiologist group left a wonderful legacy, and now we have the opportunity to build on that legacy with the latest technology and our new radiologist partner, Phoenix Radiology.”

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