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Eurofins E&E and ETS-Lindgren complete half-million-dollar expansion to Silicon Valley EMC testing facility

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 21, 2024 Parts And Service
Santa Clara, CA, March 21, 2024 - Eurofins MET Labs, part of the global Eurofins network of companies, and a leader in product safety approvals and regulatory certification, is proud to announce the completion of a half-million-dollar expansion of its 10-meter Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Chamber at their Santa Clara laboratory, in collaboration with ETS-Lindgren. This investment significantly enhances the chamber's testing capabilities, enabling manufacturers to meet international EMC compliance regulations.

The upgrade includes replacing the existing flooring with steel plate, thereby increasing its weight capacity to over 20,000 lbs.—a critical enhancement for automotive test services. New hybrid anechoic absorbers have been installed to improve Site Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (sVSWR) performance, facilitating accurate measurements in compliance with CISPR 16 and ANSI C63.4 standards. These evelopments ensure adherence to stringent international EMC standards to assist manufacturers to accelerate their time to market.

In 2024, Silicon Valley EMC Testing Facility laboratory upgrades will continue with the addition of Safety and Environment testing services, complimenting services offered in six other North American Eurofins MET laboratories. The MET mark, denoting product safety, is recognized throughout the United States and Canada, indicating compliance with federal regulations for safe product use in the workplace.

Since its inception in 2008, the Eurofins MET Labs Santa Clara facility has been a leader in EMC and Wireless regulatory testing. In 2020, the laboratory expanded its services to include cellular device testing with PTCRB and CTIA accreditation to help mobile phone and IoT device manufacturers to meet the standards of North American cellular carriers and global requirements. The MET Labs Global Market Access (GMA) program further supports market entry into more than 140 countries/regions, leveraging the expertise of the Americas GMA group and Eurofins GMA teams worldwide to deliver superior client services in Silicon Valley and around the globe.

Eurofins MET Labs has an array of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in areas including Automotive, Antenna, Medical, Cybersecurity, GMA, Safety, IoT, and more. Eurofins MET Labs distinguishes itself through its unparalleled service offerings, transparent pricing, flexible scheduling, dedicated project management, and support from a team of global experts. These offerings symbolize its unwavering dedication to enabling client success in the highly competitive regulatory compliance arena.

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