CenTrak transforms healthcare operations with ConnectRT software platform

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"Our solutions are improving the user experience for medical professionals and empowering them to deliver better healthcare outcomes," shared Andrew Robinson, president and CEO at CenTrak. "ConnectRT represents our customer-focused approach to innovation, and we look forward to unveiling additional products in the near future."

With the launch of ConnectRT, CenTrak seeks to elevate the future of work and efficiency for nurses and other healthcare professionals as well as unburden staff involvement in administrative functions. The company is continuing to listen to the needs of the industry to drive innovation, develop the RTLS cloud-based platform further, and seamlessly supply the affordable location data healthcare facilities need most to improve operations, support staff, and enhance patient outcomes.

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About CenTrak
CenTrak empowers healthcare leaders with actionable data to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and transform patient care via market-leading locating and sensing IoT solutions. The organization was recognized as the 2024 IoT Health & Wellness Company of the Year by IoT Breakthrough. Founded in 2007, CenTrak is trusted by more than 2,000 healthcare organizations around the world. For more information, visit CenTrak.com.

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