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MR imaging was most searched medical term regarding cost in 2023, says FAIR Health

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18-24: 16 percent;
25-34: 23 percent;
35-44: 22 percent;
45-54: 17 percent;
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55-64: 13 percent; and
65+: 9 percent.
In 2023, 54 percent of FAIR Health Consumer users were female, 46 percent male. Though women continue to outnumber men among FAIR Health Consumer users, the percentage who were male grew since 2022, when 45 percent of users were male.

Top User Locations
The top five states from which visits to FAIR Health Consumer originated in 2023 were:

New York;
Florida; and
Though these states were included on the list in 2022, they appeared in a different order. In 2023, California and Texas rose above New York, which was number one on the list of top consumer website user locations in 2022. In addition, Florida and Virginia swapped places in 2023, respectively ranking fifth and fourth on the list in 2022.

Most Popular Educational Topics
FAIR Health Consumer features a rich array of FH® Insurance Basics, which are original articles and videos that explain complex healthcare topics in easy-to-understand language. The most popular topics from this library in 2023 were:

When out-of-network care can be covered in network;
Negotiating your costs;
How to review your medical bill;
Healthcare services not covered by health insurance; and
Getting covered for alternative medicine.
From 2022 to 2023, FAIR Health's consumer website analytics captured a notable shift in the most popular educational topics. "When out-of-network care can be covered in network," "Healthcare services not covered by health insurance" and "Getting covered for alternative medicine" did not appear among the most popular educational topics in 2022. "Negotiating your costs" dropped from first to second place on the list, while "How to review your medical bill" rose from fifth to third place.

Top Decision Aids
FAIR Health Consumer saw the addition of several shared decision-making tools in 2023. Shared decision making—the discussion among patients, their caregivers and clinicians to decide on treatment based on clinical options and patient preferences and values—is facilitated by decision aids, which present treatment options for specific clinical conditions or scenarios. The groundbreaking decision aids on FAIR Health Consumer integrate cost estimates with the clinical information. In 2023, the top decision aids on FAIR Health Consumer were:

Type 2 diabetes;
Slow-growing prostate cancer;
Ventilator for people who are seriously ill;

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