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Mayo Clinic Platform adopts Aidoc's AI to accelerate patient care initiatives

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | October 12, 2023
Artificial Intelligence Business Affairs
Mayo Clinic Platform is integrating Aidoc's proprietary AI operating system into its portfolio. (Photo courtesy of Aidoc)
Mayo Clinic Platform, a portfolio of initiatives dedicated to accelerating the potential of AI and big data to meet care needs faster, has incorporated Aidoc’s proprietary AI operating system (aiOS), the largest portfolio of FDA-cleared algorithms on a single platform.

The AI orchestration engine creates a unified operating system with 13 AI applications that run concurrently to analyze and aggregate medical data among different departmental care teams so they can make informed decisions about interventions and next steps in unexpected and emergency clinical scenarios, as well as manage unstructured data, optimize staff capacity, measure returns on investment, and overcome siloed organizational structures.

Its applications include image, natural language processing, and text-based solutions, as well as third-party algorithms, that can be used to identify potential abnormalities in scans, triage cases for radiologists; immediately alert cross-specialty teams for collaboration on appropriate treatments together; and increase patient follow-up after initial discharge.

"Aidoc is well-positioned to help us overcome many of the typical challenges of AI-based healthcare solutions such as costly, one-off implementations. Removing such barriers allows healthcare providers of any size to deploy AI, to foster better patient outcomes and a better care experience,” said Ed Simcox, vice president of solutions, Mayo Clinic Platform, in a statement.

The objective of the Mayo Clinic Platform is to become a coordinating epicenter for hundreds of digital healthcare initiatives that harness AI and big data to create personalized insights supported by millions of data points that healthcare providers worldwide can access.

Aidoc coordinates care through a mobile app that provides real-time notifications for time-sensitive cases, built-in risk stratification, and a mobile imaging viewer. The app automatically uses EHR data to improve cross-departmental communication, and its algorithms cover 75% of patient populations, allowing physicians to make decisions based on real-time data.

It also has proved to reduce periods of stay in hospitals by up to two days, expedite treatment access for acute diseases by up to seven hours, and reduce the time in which hemorrhagic stroke patients begin treatment by 55%. In doing so, it has prevented enough readmissions to save a 1,000-bed healthcare facility $4.5 million.

Mayo Clinic has used Aidoc since 2020, and over 1,000 medical centers use it worldwide. Northwell Health integrated its technology this summer to create customizable workflows at 17 of its state hospitals based on their individual patient needs.

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