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IBM and Microsoft partner to expedite prior authorization with AI

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 23, 2023
Artificial Intelligence Health IT
IBM and Microsoft have a new generative AI service offering called IBM Consulting Azure OpenAI Service.
In a newly combined service offering, IBM Consulting and Microsoft aim to make generative AI models more accessible to healthcare providers for automating their prior authorization processes.

With the IBM Consulting Azure OpenAI Service, businesses can develop strategic approaches for incorporating AI into their operations, starting by identifying and creating specific use cases where the technology can generate value.

For healthcare specifically, they can use advanced language models, like Open AI’s GPT and Codex, to automatically collect and analyze complex medical records and policy documents to reduce administrative burdens and manual tasks within the prior authorization process. It also will serve as a virtual assistant that collects information from patient records for doctors and nurses. Together, these capabilities are expected to accelerate diagnoses.
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“With a properly built platform, you can quickly analyze the situation as well as go back and analyze that patient’s history. That’s going to help doctors get answers much quicker and get the patient the answers they’re looking for,” Chris McGuire, vice president and general manager of the Microsoft global strategic partnership for IBM Consulting, told Acceleration Economy.

Here are three offerings that come with the service:

  • Access to IBM Consulting experts: Providers can work with 21,000 data, AI, and experience consultants for effectively implementing generative AI models.

  • Use multiple models: Due to IBM’s open ecosystem approach to AI, providers will be able to use multiple models on multiple clouds to find strategies that work best for their specific needs and values, as well as mitigate bias, oversee data security, and track lineage, and origin.

  • Access to proven generative AI tools: IBM's Center of Excellence for generative AI connects providers with more than 1,000 consultants with specialized generative AI expertise and methods such as IBM Garage for Generative AI, whereby consultants help clients fast-track advances in foundation models for generative AI. This includes rapid use case ideation and prioritization; an open, multi-model approach for architectures and training; and fine-tuning and scaling models based on unique business needs.

Additionally, the solution can be used for automating manual and fragmented sourcing and procurement processes for supply chains; summarize financial reports in a personalized, consumer-friendly fashion; and create user-friendly tools that provide insights on, and eliminate manual browsing of, siloed data sources.

The service is available through the Azure Marketplace, which hosts various software, services, and solutions for use on Microsoft Azure.

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