Northwell Health to integrate Aidoc's AI platform at 17 facilities

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 21, 2023
Artificial Intelligence Business Affairs
Northwell Health will integrate Aidoc's technology at 17 of its hospitals in New York State to customize medical imaging and care coordination workflows.
Northwell Health, the largest provider in New York State, is integrating 13 AI algorithms within Aidoc’s proprietary AI operating system (aiOS) to create customizable workflows at 17 of its state hospitals based on their individual patient needs.

The first-of-its-kind technology can grow and scale as these needs change and is the largest portfolio of FDA-cleared algorithms on a single platform. It will be used for triaging, quantifying, and coordinating care in acute medical cases, specifically to identify potential abnormalities within images; triage cases for radiologists; immediately alert cross-specialty teams to determine appropriate treatments together; and increase patient follow-up following initial discharge.

“When planning to implement AI, the key drivers are seamless integration with existing infrastructure, the ability for rapid deployment in a consistent manner and to optimize the use of IT talent,” said Sophy Lu Barbieri, senior vice president and chief information officer of Northwell Health, in a statement.

The platform, which is used in over 1,000 medical centers worldwide, is a single-point entry gateway for integrating AI into medical care, including third-party applications. It analyzes and aggregates medical data to appropriate care teams to address unexpected and emergency clinical scenarios, and its algorithms cover 75% of patient populations, allowing physicians to make decisions based on real-time data.

In medical imaging and care coordination, Aidoc’s aiOS technology has been proven to reduce periods of stay in hospitals by up to two days and expedite access to treatment for acute diseases by up to seven hours. It also has reduced the time in which hemorrhagic stroke patients begin treatment by 55%. As a result, the technology has prevented enough readmissions to save a 1,000-bed healthcare facility $4.5 million.

Northwell Health currently has 12,000 affiliated physicians at its 21 hospitals and 900 outpatient facilities, where it cares for more than two million individuals annually in the New York metro area and beyond. The enterprise agreement is meant to allow providers to intervene more quickly in cases without being hindered by obstacles such as increasing resource expenses and physician shortages.

Last month, Aidoc announced another partnership with Ochsner Health, which is based in Louisiana, and runs 46 hospitals and over 370 health and urgent care centers across the Gulf South. Ochsner’s agreement also includes algorithms for identifying suspected acute abnormalities in patient scans and alerting cross-specialty teams to triage and coordinate care efficiently.

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