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Southeastern Biomedical Associates, Inc. Creció del negocio que consultaba de los socios

por Lynn Shapiro, Writer | May 27, 2008
Boyd Campbell and
Greg Johnson of
Southeastern Biomedical

Both DOTmed Certified Boyd Campbell and Greg Johnson were biomedical technicians at Catawba Valley Medical Center in Hickory, NC, when hospital administrators at Catawba asked them to help a few local hospitals repair and maintain their equipment. Before the two men knew it, they were getting calls from other hospitals on a regular basis and had turned their ad-hoc consultancy into a for-profit business.

"Catawba Valley Medical Center decided that since it was a non-profit hospital they did not want to run a for-profit business," Campbell says. So with Catawba's approval, the two men started Southeastern Biomedical Associates as a part-time consulting business to assist other healthcare facilities. As the demand grew, it became evident that Southeastern Biomedical was growing into more than a part-time venture.

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In January 2005, both men decided to leave Catawba and devote themselves to their rapidly growing start-up.

They now have 10 employees and are currently expanding. "This year, the company's projected sales are $1.8 million, which for a company that went full-time three years ago, is a blessing," Campbell says.

Non-Hospital Market
The company's main strategy is to target the thriving non-hospital market.

This is the place to be, Campbell says, because with the current belt-tightening among insurance companies, more and more physicians are doing procedures in their offices or stand-alone surgery centers, saving patients and insurance companies money.

The partners' targeted clinical markets are also thriving. Their focus is on four main specialties: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Plastic Surgery and Oral Maxillofacial.

Even though a large portion of their business is in the non-hospital market, the company continues to repair equipment for large medical centers and smaller community hospitals.

Two Separate Divisions

"We really have two separate divisions, Campbell says. "We have our service side of the business providing repair and maintenance to surgery centers, physicians' practices and hospitals. And we also have our sales side, selling both new and refurbished medical equipment for several large companies such as GE Healthcare, Criticare, Zoll, Brewer, Tuttnauer and other companies." The new equipment is sold to the non-hospital market, Campbell says.

Asked about his partner, Greg Johnson, Campbell says that they are a terrific match. "Our strengths seem to complement each other," Campbell says.

Both Campbell and Johnson are certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians. Campbell has a second certification as a Certified Radiology Equipment Specialist. Johnson is also a Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager. The men each have over 20 years of experience within the medical equipment field.

Campbell became DOTmed certified this year.