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Gundersen Health to spend $13 million to create unified imaging platform with Visage 7 cloud-based solutions

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 25, 2023
Health IT PACS / Enterprise Imaging
Gundersen Health System is installing the Visage 7 cloud-based platform to create a unified diagnostic imaging system to replace its legacy PACS across its entire network. (Photo courtesy of Gundersen Health System)
Gundersen Health System has put down over $13 million (AUD $20 million) to install cloud-based solutions designed by Visage Imaging, the U.S. subsidiary of Australian health informatics company Pro Medicus Limited, for a unified platform to manage diagnostic imaging access across its network of seven hospitals and 65 clinics in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.

The Midwestern health system will roll out the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform (Visage 7), which includes the Visage 7 Viewer, Open Archive, and Workflow modules, via the company’s cloud-based implementation process, scheduling them to go live in the second half of the 2023 calendar year, according to the seven year contract.

“IDNs are the largest market segment in North America, and we continue to build strong momentum in this key market with this, our fifth material IDN contract in the last 12 months, “ said Pro Medicus CEO Dr. Sam Hupert in a statement.

Gundersen Health is aiming to have a fully cloud-engineered workflow, following a trend that has become standard among North American healthcare providers of all sizes in local, regional and national markets who are looking to replace their legacy PACS systems with cloud-based solutions that enable faster and more secure access.

Visage 7 provides enterprise imaging capabilities, including the ability to support large data sets; fast speed and functionality of on-premise implementations with the security and scale of the cloud; and go-live enterprise-wide capabilities that include access to all priors from one or multiple PACS systems.

Visage Imaging also provides a service level agreement with organizations for maintaining their cloud-based operations, and has SOC 2 Type II certification, using end-to-end transport layer security (TLS) encryption for enhanced security.

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