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Kromek and Analogic to create cadmium zinc telluride detectors for photon-counting CT

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | April 24, 2023
CT X-Ray
Kromek and Analogic will create cadmium zinc telluride detectors to enhance imaging and quantitative capabilities in photon-counting CT. (Photo courtesy of Kromek Group)
Radiation detector manufacturer Kromek Group will integrate its cadmium zinc telluride-based sensors with Analogic Corporation’s detectors to create a detector that overcomes the traditional limitations of photon counting CT, providing material characterization and quantitative results for early disease detection.

The solution is intended to improve spatial resolution, radiation dose reduction and energy resolution for identifying breast cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening conditions, with Kromek to oversee production for commercialization to meet Analogic’s PCCT demand. They will also market their product to the security industry for checking bags prior to travel.

CZT detectors have also been used in digital SPECT/CT scanners, with Kromek launching the first digital SPECT/CT system in October alongside Spectrum Dynamics Medical to support throughput for current and up-and-coming advanced nuclear medicine clinical applications.
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Its CZT sensors increased the energy range of Spectrum Dynamic’s VERITON-CT 400 Series up to 400keV high-energy isotopes, and with two to four times more sensitivity and higher energy resolution, the solution could complete scans in shorter times than analog and current digital technologies, with lower radiation exposure and greater quantitative accuracy.

A study from 2016 indicated that CZT-based detectors in SPECT scanners increased sharpness and contrast when focused on specific regions for multiple angular views, as part of a first phase clinical trial evaluating Molecular Dynamics’ Valiance X12 whole-body CZT-based digital SPECT/CT prototype at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Israel.

Kromek Group did not respond to HCB News’ request for comment.

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