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Elekta Unity MR-Linac can now track tumor movement continuously

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 02, 2023
MRI Rad Oncology
Comprehensive Motion Management with True Tracking and automatic gating allows Elekta's Unity MR-Linac to track the movement of tumors continuously. (Photo courtesy of Elekta)
The Elekta Unity MR-Linac can now calculate the movement of tumors anywhere in the body continuously, allowing clinicians to apply more advanced adaptive radiation therapy to treat patients more accurately.

The new ability is the result of the company’s Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM) with True Tracking and automatic gating feature, which recently scored FDA clearance.

The functionality can be used with four different workflows for tumors that move either randomly or during periodic breathing motion, including two free breathing workflows that do not require patients to hold their breath. Integrated predictive algorithms compensate for system delays, enhancing precision for managing breathing motion.
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CMM also allows clinicians to shift radiation beams quickly to adjust for systematic changes in target position without having to reimage, saving time and enabling medical staff to tailor motion management strategies based on the specific needs of patients.

“To truly improve accuracy, we have to both track the motion and be able to quickly respond to it. These new motion management features do that, and were a big reason we have decided to invest in this system,” said Dr. Lorraine Portelance, vice chair of radiation oncology at the University of Miami.

Elekta Unity MR-Linac gained FDA clearance in 2018, and delivers radiation doses while simultaneously visualizing tumors and adjacent healthy tissue.

Adding CMM makes tracking, for the first time, noninvasive, in real time and capable without surrogates. CMM’s True Tracking algorithms and automatic gating automatically signal to the system to turn off the radiation beam when the tumor moves outside of it.

Its increased precision requires no additional set up time for users or hardware installs, and makes no major changes to standard radiotherapy processes.

CMM received CE Mark status back in October 2022.

Elekta Unity with CMM has limited availability, according to Carlos Castilleja, Elekta’s executive vice president of region Americas.

He also revealed that a large hospital network in New Jersey is in the process of setting up three Elekta Unity systems. “We believe MR-guided therapy is going to play a major role in radiotherapy moving forward.”

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