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Spacelabs Healthcare acquires predictive analytics company PeraHealth

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | February 21, 2023
Business Affairs
Spacelabs Healthcare has acquired PeraHealth, inventor of the Rothman Index (pictured here, photo courtesy of PeraHealth).
Spacelabs Healthcare has acquired predictive analytics company PeraHealth, developer of the predictive enterprise software, the Rothman Index, which quantifies and alerts clinicians to patient deterioration in real time.

The visual display allows clinicians to monitor and actively monitor hundreds of patients with any condition in any unit. It alerts staff to early warning signs of deterioration to reduce in-hospital mortality, as well as unplanned ICU trips. It also provides historical and current acuity trends for palliative care consultations.

Spacelabs plans to integrate the solution with its clinical informatics solutions for decision-making, workflow and communications.

"The capabilities Rothman Index’s ubiquitous model will bring to our solutions will differentiate us in the market and we, in turn, can provide the resources of a larger company to accelerate the growth trajectory for RI solutions," Zachary Orlowski, global vice president of Marketing at Spacelabs Healthcare, told HCB News.

He added that the combination of both companies technologies will allow healthcare organizations to facilitate better outcomes and decrease costs.

The Rothman Index identifies and facilities early intervention for patients at risk for sepsis and other severe issues. It uses nursing assessments to improve performance in value-based purchasing programs and improve operational efficiencies without additional clinical documentation or steps.

The deal is one of several partnerships that PeraHealth has pursued in the last few years to solve challenges associated with fragmentated care delivery models and care supporting technologies.

"We will continue to use the Rothman Index brand, as it is well-regarded in literature and the industry," said Orlowski.

All PeraHealth employees have transferred to Spacelabs and been assigned to their respective teams, based on their field of expertise.

Financial details were not disclosed.

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