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New startup from Spotify founder uses AI for total-body scanning to detect skin changes

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | February 16, 2023
Business Affairs
New Swedish startup Neko Health offers full-body scanning services.
Neko Health, a Stockholm-based startup co-founded by Spotify founder Daniel Ek, has developed a 360-degree full-body scanner that can detect and measure the growth of birthmarks, rashes, and age spots using AI.

The scanner is equipped with more than 70 sensors that collect over “50 million data points on skin, heart, vessels, respiration, microcirculation and more,” said Ek and Nilsonne in a LinkedIn post. It is meant to detect symptoms of disease early, shifting healthcare away from reactive symptom treatment to disease prevention.

A “self-learning AI-powered system” then reads the scans and provides the results to doctors and patients in the same visit. Patients can view and track their results on an app.

It also has a separate scanner to detect abnormalities in heart function, blood pressure and pulse, according to The Verge.

The full body scan takes 15 minutes and can detect skin changes as small as 0.2 millimeters. Each scan is accompanied by an in-doctor consultation after.

It also can measure ECG, murmur sound, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, arterial stiffness, pulse width, breathing and heart rate, and is the product of four years of research and development.

Visits are open to the public in Sweden and cost SEK 1,500 ($190) for a limited time.

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