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December 21, 2022
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ZRG Asset Disposition Process
From the February 2023 issue of DOTmed Equipment Classifieds magazine
Since 2013, ZRG has been streamlining the medical asset disposition process for its customers and eliminating the needless waste in landfills by reselling, donating and recycling surplus medical equipment. Today, ZRG is the leading medical asset disposition vendor in Southern California and is growing nationally with expanded services and customers in the North- and Mid-West regions of the country.

The ZRG team works closely with onsite supply chain staff to remove their surplus medical equipment in the safest, most efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

ZRG practices the 3Rs of sustainability by "reusing, recovering and recycling" surplus medical equipment. "We believe in giving medical equipment a second life," says Mimi Lively, CEO and owner of ZRG Medical. "ZRG's environmentally friendly and customer-focused approach is the future of health care asset disposition, and we continuously evolve to benefit the global economy."

ZRG is licensed by the California State Board of Pharmacy to sell medical equipment and follows all state and federal regulations to offer services such as

  • Full hospital liquidations services
  • Inventory assessments
  • Sales and rental of tested and certified equipment
  • Equipment donation to non-profit organizations

Ranging from new to end-of-life, ZRG receives and sells a variety of medical products from all modalities including some of the following:

  • Patient monitors
  • Infusion pumps
  • Endoscopy towers
  • Anesthesia machines
  • Operating room tables
  • Surgical microscopes
  • Imaging equipment like ultrasound and C Arms

ZRG is also Certified Women Owned by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Customized disposal
ZRG understands that every health care facility does not have the same needs and priorities when it comes to removing their surplus assets. Because the team specializes in reselling and recycling of medical equipment, ZRG can create tailored solutions for managing any surplus assets within a hospital or health care facility suited to what the customer needs.

Depending on the condition, need and value, the equipment can be refurbished, resold, rented, donated or broken down for parts and responsibly recycled.

Before anything is resold, rented or exported, ZRG's Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) team methodically tests every piece of equipment received and confirms the key functions of units are working properly. If equipment does not pass the testing and confirmation phase, it is then repaired, sold to a qualified refurbisher or disposed through licensed and permitted recycling facilities.

Equipment that is ready for sale or rental is sold through our customer-centered direct sales team as well as online via ZRG's website and other sites such as DOTmed Classifieds and eBay. ZRG's extensive auction offerings are available on the DOTmed Auction website.

ZRG has an extensive parts division focused on providing hard-to-find preowned parts so health care facilities worldwide can continue to service their older or end-of-life equipment until it can be replaced. Having worked closely with clinical engineers for many years, the team experienced first-hand the struggle HTM professionals have in getting parts for end-of-life equipment. “We saw a need in the health care community and are doing our best to fill it,” says Tony Lively, President.

To support ZRG's mission that every piece of medical equipment removed from health care facilities receives a second life for the benefit of mankind, some equipment is donated to provide economically disadvantaged people and communities access to outstanding medical care. ZRG donates medical equipment through several non-profits such as Medshare and Adventist Health Global Missions.

Data Security Top Priority
Besides following a meticulous testing process, ZRG implements a rigorous security program for appropriate equipment handling and data security. ZRG follows strict recycling guidelines that ensure all assets removed are handled according to compliance standards including HIPAA. The security protocol involves sanitizing, purging or destroying data on all hard drives and data storage devices for every piece of equipment that comes to the warehouse.

Each piece of equipment removed is documented in ZRG's customer portal and all confidential data and hospital identifiers are wiped clean to remove any liabilities and keep patient information secure. Through ZRG's online customer portal, customers can view all equipment removed from their facility and access documentation with clarity and ease. Inventory lists, releases of liability and certificates of recycling are at customers' fingertips.

Designed with convenience in mind, the portal can also be used to request new liquidation jobs and review past jobs ZRG has already completed.

More on ZRG Medical:
Mimi and Tony Lively are active in the bio­medical community, supporting the education of both existing and up-and-coming HTM professionals. Mimi spearheaded the Biomedical Technician course MiraCosta College now offers at its Technical Career Institute location in California. She is especially passionate about helping people throughout the world to get the medical care they deserve — she works closely with charitable organizations to provide them with medical equipment to complete their missions. ZRG Medical is certified Women Owned by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), a member of the Healthcare Supplier Diversity Alliance (HSDA), and Mimi sits on the Supplier Diversity Council of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA).

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