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Materialise introduces Mimics Enlight 3D Lung Software for improved personalized 3D treatment planning

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 08, 2022 3D Printing CT Health IT X-Ray
LEUVEN, BELGIUM (September 08, 2022) – Materialise (Nasdaq:MTLS), a global leader in medical 3D printing and planning solutions, introduces the Mimics Enlight 3D Lung software in China and announces partnerships with Zealise Medical (振源) and Fluidda to advance personalized 3D imaging and treatment planning for lung care worldwide.

Today, the use of 3D imaging to create and refine lung visualizations for surgical planning requires time and expertise from both imaging and surgical teams. With the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Materialise and its partners will reduce the need for human intervention and expedite the visualization process, allowing experts to dedicate more of their time to strategic work, like surgical planning and patient care.

Addressing the Need for Personalized 3D Planning in Lung Cancer Surgery
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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwidei. Surgical and interventional lung treatment options have advanced to become more targeted and less invasive. Segmentectomy is a relatively new and minimally invasive surgical technique to remove lung tumors, that allows surgeons to save significantly more healthy lung tissue compared to traditional procedures. However, lung segment borders are not visible on CT scans. This limited view of important anatomical structures makes it challenging for surgeons to define the optimal resection and to perform the actual surgery. Mimics Enlight 3D, Materialise's AI-driven planning solution, enables a deep understanding of the patient's unique lung anatomy, which can positively impact the outcome of segmentectomies.

"As lung cancer is being detected earlier, physicians are treating more small tumors that qualify for lung-sparing surgery," said Antoon Dierckx, Innovation Manager, Respiratory at Materialise. "Materialise's 3D planning solutions support thoracic surgeons in identifying candidates for segmentectomy, accurately visualizing the patient's unique anatomy in 3D, and creating a personalized surgical plan to optimally treat their unique case with confidence."

The new Mimics Enlight 3D Lung software is a 3D planning solution that enables personalized lung treatment. Its AI-driven 3D visualization process offers identification and precise measurements of anatomical structures, such as lung segments, arteries, veins, and safety margins surrounding tumors, helping surgeons determine the desired surgical resection. Removing the tumor with an accurate safety margin potentially decreases the risk for tumor recurrence, while saving as much healthy lung tissue as possible can leave the patient with better lung performance compared to removing a complete lobe or lung.

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