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GE Healthcare taps Enlitic to boost PACS workflow with AI

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 31, 2022
Artificial Intelligence Health IT PACS / Enterprise Imaging
GE Healthcare has embedded Enlitic's AI-based Curie Platform with its PACS systems to eliminate unnecessary manual tasks and hanging protocols. (Photo courtesy of GE Healthcare)
GE Healthcare is embedding Enlitic’s AI-based Curie platform to standardize data so that radiologists using GE existing PACS systems can better manage higher workloads and more complex exams.

The proprietary solution utilizes AI-powered data normalization to eliminate unnecessary and facilitate nondiagnostic tasks for radiologists, such as correcting broken hanging protocols, giving them more time to read exams and perform other important activities.

In addition to data standardization, the platform facilitates retrospective and real-time analysis, research, risk mitigation and workflow simplification.

“Using the latest technology and resources such as Curie Standardize allows us to deliver these new tools more quickly to our frontline radiologists and clinicians,” said Tim Rose, product executive at GE Healthcare, in a statement.

Enlitic’s Standardize application automatically adapts to clinical content across disparate systems by standardizing DICOM descriptions before images are sent to the PACS system. This provides consistent, complete and correct labeling, allowing systems such as diagnostic viewers to enable consistent hanging protocols, and select and prioritize cases better.

Additionally, radiologists can save 30 to 90 seconds per study, improving productivity. It also may improve image routing and AI clinical application orchestration in the future, as well as streamline research workflows with more accurate exam and imaging metadata.

GE expects the system to spare radiologists the time required for manually laying out exams, and to ensure that the layout process is thorough and efficient by making sure all descriptive exam data is available and consistent.

“GE has been a leader in the transformation of healthcare AI in radiology for decades, and we look forward to working together to bring innovative solutions to the market that will improve data access and accuracy to support more rapid and informed patient care decisions,” said Jim Conyers, CEO of Enlitic.

GE recently integrated another solution, Helix Radiology Performance Suite, with its PACS systems. Designed by Quantum Imaging & Therapeutic Associates, the intelligent workload management solution uses predictive analytics to appropriately assign exams to the right specialists based on skill set, exam complexity and priority status for greater reading efficiency.

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