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Mark Hillebrandt

Henry Schein appoints chief digital revenue officer
August 22, 2022
Mark Hillebrandt
MELVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC), the world's largest provider of health care solutions to office-based dental and medical practitioners, announced today that Mark Hillebrandt has been named Vice President and Chief Digital Revenue Officer, leading the Company's effort to drive e-commerce revenue growth and business profitability.

Mr. Hillebrandt, who joined Henry Schein in 2018, will be responsible for leading a new Digital Revenue Team that has been formed to support the Company's 2022-2024 "BOLD+1" Strategic Plan, which addresses how the Company stays ahead of the fundamental shifts affecting our customers. This includes the goal to accelerate the adoption of digital technology not only by Henry Schein's customers but also throughout the Company.

The Digital Revenue Team will be responsible for engaging customers online to drive digital transactions while also securing a significant pipeline of digitally sourced leads and new prospects to be delivered to the Company's sales organization. This initiative will position Henry Schein to rapidly use technology to attract new customers, support the sales team with existing customers, and expand digital transactions in collaboration with the sales team to advance the Company's full-service offering.

Mr. Hillebrandt reports to Brad Connett, Chief Executive Officer of Henry Schein's North America Distribution Group. Since joining Henry Schein, he has made significant contributions to advancing our digital marketing efforts in the dental industry, including modernizing Henry Schein's education offering, notably the creation of the highly successful ThriveLIVE educational event and the Henry Schein Dental online webinar series.

"Our strategic plan includes advancing the use of e-commerce tools to help create an exceptional customer experience," said Mr. Connett. "Mark is a smart and visionary leader who will drive success for this critical element of our strategy through our current online platform as well as evolutions to come, augmenting and supporting the essential role of our world-class field sales organization as we deliver the experience that customers have come to expect from Henry Schein."

"Henry Schein has an extraordinary opportunity to drive digital commerce through a best-in-class shopping experience and giving our talented sales team more freedom to serve as the expert consultants that customers rely on to grow their business," said Mr. Hillebrandt. "I am excited to contribute to this effort in conjunction with our sales team for the mutual benefit of the customer and our Company."

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