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The whys and hows of EHR migration to the cloud

August 12, 2022
Business Affairs Health IT
From the September 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

● Big data migration is restricted by the network and hardware parameters
● Data becomes inaccessible during migration
● Data becomes vulnerable when in a state of transition

Accordingly, providers should consult with their vendors or IT teams about dividing data into manageable chunks for gradual transferring.

Data migration to the cloud might also require reconfiguring the network security. Additionally, most vendors choose to duplicate the environment for migration and work with a replica to avoid affecting the live system through compatibility issues or mistakes that result in data loss. Replication is also needed at the final migration stage. This way, if there’s a security breach or interruption, all the migrated data will remain safe.

Ready or not, the cloud EHR is coming
Migrating from on-premises software to a cloud-based EHR system can be intimidating yet rewarding. There are a number of compelling reasons to start planning the transition, from extra accessibility and painless scaling-up to improved security assurance, safeguarded HIPAA compliance, and reduced expenditures. The cloud allows healthcare organizations to withdraw from maintaining a complex IT infrastructure with servers and storage area networks as well as from staffing an extensive team for managing these resources.

By making progress one step at a time, investing in analysis, and consulting with experts, healthcare providers can make their EHR transition to the cloud secure and seamless.

About the author: Mariia Kovalova is a Healthcare Technology Researcher at Itransition, a custom software development company headquartered in Denver, CO. Having working experience with both healthcare and IT industry, she is constantly on the lookout for technologies that will help providers optimize their processes, enhance patient experiences and build up more resilience in the face of the rapidly-changing world.

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