A new era in testing equipment efficiency

por Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | May 23, 2022
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From the May 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Efficiency is the holy grail for anything that happens in a hospital, including testing critical equipment for safety and quality control. The latest test equipment on the market has become more efficient, with preset testing protocols stored right on the devices and reports that seamlessly flow to the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

Here’s a look at the latest in test equipment.

BC Group International
BC Group International recently released the ESU-2350, a Bluetooth-compatible device used in the calibration and routine performance verification of electrosurgical generators.

According to the company, the ESU-2350 offers a higher degree of accuracy in the mid-range category than pre¬viously attainable with conventional electrosurgical unit analyzer designs.

It’s designed with a color touch screen and is smaller and lighter than previous models.

The ESU-2350 includes an inter¬nal load bank with a range of 0 to 5500 ohms in 5-ohm increments. The REM/ARM/CQM testing is accomplished via a 500-ohm adjustable load in 1-ohm increments. The ESU-2350 provides automatic and manual-automatic or manual activation of the ESU generator during power load curve tests and is 100% compatible with Covidien/Valleylab ForceTriad, FT10, FX8 and Ligasure generators, as well as generators by many other manufacturers.

“Our competitors have products that may have the same accuracy level, however there are functional differences that favor the ESU-2350 including but not limited to the on-board variable RF load bank of 5500 ohms,” said Tim Welby, national sales and marketing manager for BC Group.

Datrend Systems Inc.
Over the last year, Datrend released a new software application for the vPad platform called vPad-Report, which generates PDF test reports. Features include the ability to use different logos for the report title.

“Users can select different corporate logos stored on the tablet,” said Owen Liu, director of business development for Datrend Systems. “So if this is a third-party service company, where they are contracted out by a hospital, they can generate customized reports based on their needs.”

The test reports will include information on the medical device tested, analyzers used, test data, pass/fail status and graphs and charts where applicable. There is the ability to create live signatures right on the tablet, and if the technician is different than the person approving the test report, the app can allow batch report generation for the manager, too.

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