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Astute Imaging acquires Dileny Technologies

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 22, 2022
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Astute Imaging acquires Dileny Technologies.
Astute Imaging has acquired Dileny Technologies (DilenyTech), a deep technology healthcare startup that designs AI for screening and diagnostic radiology workflow.

A provider of imaging-guided therapy and procedure planning services, Astute plans to integrate DilenyTech's AI software to improve the performance of its current offerings, including those for cardiovascular care, and expand its services into new areas such as women’s health and cancer treatment. It also will leverage the technology to create new solutions for the medical imaging space.

DilenyTech designs vendor-neutral AI proprietary systems that enhance radiology workflow. It has a special focus on women’s health but expects the deal to expand its reach into other areas. “We have applied our technologies successfully in the area of breast imaging and we look forward to expanding our AI pipeline to other imaging areas such as thyroid, liver and gynecology as well as cardiovascular 3D imaging and procedural planning. We believe Astute Imaging will be a game changer for healthcare providers and device companies,” said Ahmed Ehab Mahmoud, DilenyTech founder and innovation director, in a statement.
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With DilenyTech’s software, Astute will develop an AI-powered tracking application for the aorta that makes provider services more proactively patient-centric. It will integrate AI into its imaging core lab and procedure planning services to create seamless workflows and device tracking, and will make these services and alerts for patient tracking accessible through mobile applications to increase the use of precision medicine.

It also plans to create predictive models that will provide insights for interventional devices in image-guided procedures, especially for cardiovascular planning, cancer treatments and women’s health.

Upon completion of the acquisition, Mahmoud will join Astute Imaging and manage its imaging operations. The deal follows the spin-off last month of Astute Imaging from Fivos Inc., which previously was known as Medstreaming/M2S. The separation was meant to create a greater focus at Astute on the adoption of state-of-the-art AI and cloud technologies for its unique patented imaging software and to increase the use of precision medicine among providers and device companies.

Astute Imaging CEO Wael Elseaidy says DilenyTech's AI technology will be integrated into the Astute Imaging surgery planning package and will add more automation to these services and its imaging offerings and make them more patient-centric. "Combining Astute Imaging's huge data assets and Dileny AI technology, we would be able to build a strong predictive algorithm to service cardiovascular patients and enhance procedural outcomes, and provide the best treatment options for a given patient's characteristics," he told HCB News.

Financial details were not disclosed.

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