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BMET Apprenticeship Program earns industry training support

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 27, 2021 HTM
A U.S. national BMET Apprenticeship Program recently launched by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has gained valuable new support from Fluke Biomedical. A manufacturer of biomedical test equipment and training software, Fluke is offering free Advanced Training Courses to participating apprentices.

The courses add up to an estimated 22 hours of free training and count towards the “Medical Equipment Training from Industry Sources” requirement in the Related Instruction section of the new U.S. national apprenticeship program’s curriculum.

“Year one requires 30 hours of medical equipment training from industry sources, so this 22 hours of content will complete a majority of the requirement at no cost to organizations participating in the BMET Apprenticeship Program,” explained Danielle McGeary, vice president of HTM at AAMI. “The content contains a lot of training around their biomed test equipment, which is perfect for the apprentices who are brand new to the field and need to learn about test equipment and electrical safety.”

“AAMI wanted to provide some quality free training options as we know budgets are tight for everyone right now,” McGeary added. “We are very appreciative of Fluke’s support.”

The backbone of hospitals and even laboratories, BMETs routinely service the medical devices that are needed to monitor patient health or record important data. Unfortunately, AAMI estimates that nearly half of the current healthcare technology management (HTM) workforce is over the age of 50. As more BMETs retire and the number of college programs to train new HTM professionals dwindles, healthcare systems will find it increasingly difficult to fill these crucial positions.

HTM professionals, such as BMETs, “empower our everyday heroes to focus only on protecting lives,” said Michael Raiche, senior portfolio manager for Fluke Biomedical. “When I initially learned about the BMET Apprenticeship Program, I thought ‘what a great initiative!’ I immediately reached out to AAMI to see how Fluke Biomedical could help.”

“It turns out the Program was the perfect application for our immense library of educational content,” he added. “What better way to influence the test and measurement market than to educate the next generation? It’s important that we all understand the clinical applications of medical devices, the risks if they fail, how to test them and share industry best practices.”

The BMET Apprenticeship Program guides employer partners in training the next generation of HTM professionals. And the cost of supporting an apprentice may prove lower than employers expect! In addition to Fluke Biomedical’s support, AAMI has earned the support of Nuvolo and the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology.

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