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Siemens partners with TeamViewer to enhance remote MR scanning

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 06, 2021
Health IT MRI Telemedicine
Siemens has teamed up with TeamViewer to make its WeScan remote MR scanning service more secure
Siemens Healthineers has incorporated TeamViewer’s connectivity technology to offer customers more secure remote MR scanning support through its WeScan service.

Designed to connect customers with skilled remote imaging technologists who can help operate MR scanners, WeScan now is equipped with high security standards for strong and safe data transfer thanks to TeamViewer’s solution.

"It helps us ensure the high security standards that are necessary for healthcare by making sure we are covering all of those standards from the safest perspective around data integrity and security. That TeamViewer component also allows us to support the scanning process on demand outside the customer network, that meets all those customer requirements to enable scanning," Nanci Wozniak, vice president of education and workforce solutions for Siemens Healthineers North America, told HCB News.
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WeScan now enables Siemens to assist customers from outside their own IT-network. This means that high security protocols and real-time data transmission are required. The service relies on Siemens’ syngo Virtual Cockpit, which remotely connects expert technicians with less experienced ones to assist in operating the MR scanner.

With TeamViewer and Siemens’ global remote connectivity infrastructure, Smart Remote Services (SRS), syngo Virtual Cockpit can support demand for scanning from outside customer networks, while ensuring that high volumes of data are exchanged in real time between IT networks. TeamViewer’s Conditional Access feature also offers rule-based and very granular access management capabilities.

Siemens has used TeamViewer for several years on tens of thousands of its imaging and laboratory diagnostic equipment worldwide, including MRs and CTs, for remote maintenance and clinical staff support in hospitals and doctors’ offices. This combination expands the services of WeScan and enables it to improve device capacity utilization and patient access to healthcare, in addition to its established remote support for maintenance and repair scenarios.

"There is a significant shortage of highly skilled clinical technologists out there in the industry," said Wozniak. "This enables us to meet the market opportunities that we see by allowing our customers to provide highly diagnostic scans, and access to healthcare that they may not have had the opportunity to do before, because they didn’t have the right people or access to those clinical experts in the areas that they needed them for at that time."

WeScan is not commercially available in all countries or for all modalities. syngo Virtual Cockpit was introduced in 2018 but is not commercially available either in all countries. A connection to Smart Remote Services (SRS) infrastructure is required for scanning outside customer networks with WeScan.

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