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Mayo Clinic launches two new companies

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | April 19, 2021
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Mayo Clinic has launched two new companies to support its Remote Diagnostics and Management Platform
Mayo Clinic has launched two new companies to support its new technology initiative, the Remote Diagnostics and Management Platform.

The solution applies artificial intelligence to derive insights from data and uses these findings to support human decision-making within existing clinical workflows. It supports “event-driven medicine” by aiming to provide insights in the right context at the right time.

One company, Anumana was developed with AI health tech company nference and will apply nference’s AI to Mayo’s deep repository of medical data to create and commercialize algorithms for the platform. Lucem Health, which was created with general catalyst portfolio tech company, Commure will connect data from remote patient telemetry devices to AI-enabled algorithms, including those developed by Anumana and Mayo Clinic, to infer diagnostic insights.
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“Lucem will focus on the data ingest, orchestration, and connectivity and Anumana on the algorithms development and commercialization, because in many ways, they're complementary problems” Duska Anastasijevic, a Mayo Clinic public affairs officer, told HCB News.

Algorithms designed by Anumana will initially be made from cardiac health data in Mayo Clinic’s Clinical Data Analytics Platform, including raw ECG signals. They will decipher hidden biomedical knowledge and allow for early detection and faster treatment of heart disease to prevent heart failure, stroke or death.

Lucem’s platform will collect, orchestrate and curate this and other data from virtually any device. It will host and support AI/ML runtime algorithms and produce application development frameworks and services that can be integrated into workflow.

Anumana will invest $25.7 million from Series AI financing into development and commercialization of AI-enabled ECG and multimodal algorithms, while Lucem Health will do the same with $6 million in Series A financing for its platform to support AI-generated point-of-care diagnostic insights.

In accordance with the purpose of Mayo’s RDMP, both companies’ solutions will be available to other providers.

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