GE Healthcare unveils AI-enhanced ultrasound system for women's health

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 30, 2020
Artificial Intelligence Ultrasound Women's Health
Voluson SWIFT is designed to reduce physician burnout with auto recognition capabilities
GE Healthcare has developed a new women's health ultrasound system that aims to reduce physician burnout with the use of industry-first AI algorithms for auto recognition capabilities.

"During our research while designing the Voluson SWIFT, we heard that physicians are being asked to do more work and see more patients than ever before," Barbara Del Prince, director of global product and clinical management for women's health ultrasound at GE Healthcare, told HCB News. "With the introduction of electronic medical records, they are also being tasked with additional work that may have previously been done by someone else. In addition to this increased workload and patient volume, learning ultrasound and a complicated machine takes effort. The Voluson SWIFT was designed to take the effort out of learning a system and getting the images clinicians need."

OB/GYN clinicians have some of the highest burnout rates among physicians, primarily due to bureaucratic duties such as paperwork, charting and patient data capture. They now face additional pressures to see more patients and perform exams faster to limit possible patient exposure to COVID-19.

Voluson SWIFT, which features an ergonomic design and high image quality for better clinical outcomes, was developed using input from 200 women’s health practitioners worldwide. The system can be customized with preferences and offers guided workflows to help new users learn the technology faster and use it more effectively.

Embedded with an artificial intelligence platform that includes the new SonoLyst application, the Voluson SWIFT ultrasound system offers the industry’s first fully integrated AI tool for recognizing 20 views recommended by the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology mid-trimester practice guidelines for fetal imaging, optimizing scan workflow by 73% when compared to manual 2D workflow.

It also offers a scan assistant tool that guides clinicians through protocols and reduces patient scanning time by up to 45%, with simplified workflow and freedom to customize and create their own user protocols. SonoBiometry measurements are now 38% faster than previous platforms and three additional measurements to SonoBiometry make Voluson SWIFT 60% more automated than previous systems. In addition, SonoCNS utilizes GE Healthcare’s Edison Intelligence platform on the Voluson SWIFT to help reduce keystrokes by 78% when obtaining desired planes and measurements of the fetal central nervous system (CNS).

"By removing or minimizing tasks, providing an intuitive simple user interface, and adding automation technologies, Voluson SWIFT can help to remove obstacles in the physician’s day," said Del Prince.

SonoLyst incorporates the AI technology of Intelligent Ultrasound.

The solution is 510(k) pending and not available for sale in the U.S.

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