Hitachi furthers ties with HOYA around endoscopic ultrasound

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 09, 2020
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Hitachi and Hoya Corporation have signed a five-year agreement that will strengthen their collaborations around endoscopic ultrasound systems like the EB19-J10U Ultrasound Video Bronchoscope (Photo courtesy of PENTAX Medical).
Hitachi is furthering its relationship with HOYA Corporation around the development and commercialization of endoscopic ultrasound systems (EUS).

The two announced a five-year contract that will foster greater technical collaboration and enable Hitachi to continue supplying diagnostic ultrasound systems and ultrasound sensor-related parts used in EUS, even after the acquisition of its diagnostic imaging-related business by FUJIFILM is complete.

“Hitachi has been in cooperation with HOYA PENTAX regarding ultrasound endoscopy systems and has been developing and continuing good relations,” Yuko Shimomura, senior manager for Hitachi’s Brand & Communications Center, told HCB News. “We have concluded a long-term business collaboration agreement so that this collaboration will continue even after Hitachi's diagnostic imaging-related business is transferred to FUJIFILM.”
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EUS comprises diagnostic ultrasound system and ultrasound flexible endoscopes that are used to evaluate cancer staging in the liver, pancreas and bronchus.

The agreement stems from a 30-year relationship between Hitachi and PENTAX Medical, a division of HOYA Corporation that delivers endo-imaging solutions. The two began conducting joint research in 1983 that led Pentax Medical to launch its own EUS in 1990. One recent release by PENTAX Medical was the EB19-J10U Ultrasound Video Bronchoscope, which enables greater visualization of key pulmonary structures and efficient tissue sampling.

The Fujifilm acquisition will bring Hitachi’s ultrasound portfolio under Fujifilm’s control, along with its CT and MR portfolios. The planned $1.63 billion deal was recently delayed, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The Hitachi ultrasound technology is globally recognized as an important standard in EUS, with high-quality imaging, advanced software modalities, and ease of use,” said Gerald Bottero, global president of Pentax Medical, HOYA Corporation. “We look forward to working with Hitachi's world-class research teams to accelerate innovation and wide adoption in this vital space."

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