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Hologic enters cart-based ultrasound market with SuperSonic Mach 40

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 08, 2020
Ultrasound Women's Health
SuperSonic MACH 40 ultrasound system
The first premium, cart-based ultrasound system designed by Hologic is now available on the U.S. market.

Equipped with UltraFast imaging technology, the SuperSonic MACH 40 ultrasound system captures scans at a frame rate of up to 20,000 images per second and enables standard imaging modes that do not come with the trade-offs present in conventional systems.

"With traditional ultrasound systems, radiologists are used to compromising," Shawn St. Pierre, senior director of ultrasound solutions at Hologic, told HCB News. "They often need to choose between field-of-view, spatial resolution, penetration, or display frame-rate. The SuperSonic MACH 40 system features real-time imaging processing thanks to greater frame rates of up to 20,000 images per second(i), which helps reduce these trade-offs. If you compare this to traditional approaches to image capture, it's easy to see the advantage that the SuperSonic MACH 40 system offers clinicians."

The SuperSonic MACH 40 system is an expansion of Hologic’s ultrasound portfolio. The expansion stems from Hologic’s recent acquisition of SuperSonic Imaging.

The system’s B-mode imaging technology reduces speckle, clears images across all tissue densities, and improves lesion conspicuity, while its TriVu imaging enables morphology, stiffness and blood flow to be analyzed at the same time in the same image. It also has the third generation of shear wave-based elastography technology, ShearWave PLUS, which offers more diagnostic information for better patient management, including diagnostic workup of breast lesions, lesion targeting during ultrasound-guided biopsy, and lesion size measurement.

Another asset is enhanced control with Needle PL.U.S. imaging, which allows users to visualize both the biopsy needle and anatomical structures in real time and predicts the needle trajectory. Patients examined with the system are expected to experience greater comfort, thanks to its intuitive design. It’s SonicPad multi-touch trackpad also eliminates distractions to the physician’s focus caused by unnecessary user movements, enhancing workflow and increasing patient throughput.

"It will be an asset for breast imaging procedures intended to detect and diagnose abnormalities that may require breast biopsy," said St. Pierre. "While the SuperSonic MACH 40 ultrasound system is optimized for breast applications and compatibility with Hologic systems, it also has exceptional versatility across a large variety of clinical applications to further address the needs of general imaging and specialty imaging (abdominal/liver, musculoskeletal, small parts, and vascular)."

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