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Siemens to offer Glassbeam's Clinsights Service Analytics module

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 24, 2020
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Glassbeam has added Siemens Healthineers to its Strategic Reseller program and is allowing it to resell its Clinsights Service Analytics module.
Providers with Siemens Healthineers imaging equipment now have greater access to Glassbeam’s Clinsights Service Analytics module to increase machine uptime, improve productivity and deliver enhanced patient care.

A web-based application, the solution enables providers to manage large multi-vendor fleets for MRs, CT scanners, and cath labs. It is now available for Siemens to resell, following Glassbeam’s decision to include the German tech giant within its Strategic Reseller program.

"Very few organizations want to rely on one vendor in any business context if they can avoid it," Puneet Pandit, co-founder and CEO of Glassbeam, told HCB News. "It gives them leverage on price and discounts and allows them not be held captive to one vendor. Besides, in the healthcare market, there are specialized, unique products that are heavily sophisticated, built by only certain vendors. So as a buyer in a healthcare provider environment, you always want 'best of breed' solutions. All these factors lead to a variety of OEMs, modalities and model types, that form the backbone of such healthcare networks. Large companies like Siemens are increasingly providing multi-vendor equipment services, as an umbrella 'asset management' program. In such environments, there is a strategic benefit for the provider to engage one OEM entity (or ISO) to provide multi-vendor multimodality service contracts."

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Because most providers have more than one source for their imaging equipment, confusion and a lack of transparency about the machine health of their entire fleets is common, regardless of the vendor or modality, leading to unplanned downtime during peak hours of operation and disruptions in patient care.

Glassbeam’s Clinsights applies expert rules and machine learning algorithms to analyze logs on a near real-time basis from multi-vendor, multimodality environments. It then, based on this information, provides proactive and predictive notifications that help convert unplanned downtime into planned maintenance windows and thereby increases machine uptime.

"Glassbeam has been working with Siemens for last couple of years on fronts related to machine data analytics," said Pandit. "We also have a large installed base of Siemens machines under our purview in leading healthcare sites like Baylor Scott & White Health, Scripps Medical, etc. So yes, our customers and prospects have been asking us to collaborate more in the areas of predictive and preventive maintenance around Siemens equipment. The timing is right now as well, since the Glassbeam Reseller program is mature enough to start scaling out with a large global partner like Siemens Healthineers."

Glassbeam Clinsights is already in production across several large healthcare networks and imaging centers in the United States.

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