FDA gives nod to Aspenstate's AiRTouch Portable X-ray System

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 14, 2020
Aspenstate's AiRTouch Portable X-ray System
The FDA has given Aspenstate the all-clear to distribute its AiRTouch Portable X-ray System among U.S. providers as they continue combating the COVID-19 virus.

Designed as a front-line device for acquiring Chest X-rays, the solution directly acquires images and transmits them wirelessly to PACS through a built-in workstation. This feature, along with its portability, handheld design, and high-performance battery, is expected to help screening centers process high volumes of patients quickly during the pandemic.

"Our system allows the operator to take x-ray images without having the dedicated physical space or electrical power for a conventional x-ray system," Roberto Scorcia, VP of business development and marketing for Aspenstate, told HCB News. "Our goal with this system was to remove these barriers and make x-ray available and affordable nearly anywhere; operators are able to acquire x-ray images directly to the device, and when they are in range of a WiFi signal, they are able to transmit these images to PACs."
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Not all facilities housing COVID-19 patients are designed to offer conventional X-ray services, making a portable, easy to use system a helpful tool, according to Scorcia.

AiRTouch is equipped with an all-in-one PC that loads a customer’s acquisition software and allows for remote diagnostics and service. This maximizes equipment uptime and negates costly and timely service calls.

It is also powered with a high-performance battery that charges within two hours and can capture up to 300 exposures on a single charge. Its flat panel technology is fine-tuned to be more sensitive and achieve the standard image quality at lower dose.

The lightweight device can also be used for urgent care, ambulances, sports medicine, extremities, dental, veterinary and equine purposes.

While helpful, Scorcia says the system is meant for small and medium-sized patients, not bariatric ones. He also asserts that providers should remember that CDC guidelines do not recommend CT or chest X-rays CDC to be used alone to diagnose COVID-19.

"It's important for people to understand and follow the guidelines shared by the CDC," he said. "We're just providing the tools required for part of the diagnostic method, and hopefully we can be of assistance during this time."

AiRTouch was designed by Livermoretech Korea, the parent company of Aspenstate, and is currently used for drive-through screening in South Korea.

Aspenstate is a Texas-based OEM that provides complete imaging solutions for x-ray distributors and custom made, private-labeled solutions for OEMs across the Americas.

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